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Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Not exactly ready for dance competitions? That’s perfectly fine! That is why we offer smaller, less intimidating performance opportunities at our studio! With a fun and captivating choreography, we guarantee you’ll have a blast performing at studio events!


If you’re not exactly the type of person looking for all the attention and spotlight, we offer dance formation teams! We have instructors that specialize in group choreographies. With constant development and growth, we love adding new members to our team, adding new and innovative steps, and constantly growing in our craft. Depending on the overall decision of the group, we can take formations anywhere from studio performances, competitions, and even travel to perform!


If you are looking for rapid growth and a personalized approach to how you learn, private lessons are the way to go. Not only are they loaded with information and fun, but group classes are free alongside taking a weekly private lesson. If you are looking for fun evenings to socialize and catch up on some dance skills in a very relaxed manner, group classes are for you! Every week we bring something new and exciting to the table to keep you on your feet!

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