January 14th, 2017

David and Karina

I couldn't have hoped for a better experience with Nick and Paulina. My wife and I took lessons for our wedding first dance and we were thrilled with the result. They were helpful, patient (especially with a first timer), accommodating to both our frantic schedules and affordable! Their dedication and joy for dancing really shows and it made the lessons seem more like being taught by long-time friends than regular instructors. Highly recommended, definitely return customers.



September 19th, 2019


Paulina is nothing but professional, courteous and genuine. She is a great instructor and is very passionate about dancing. Her experience shows through her teaching and she is very patient. She clearly explains all the moves and steps. Paulina has a great personality and makes it fun and enjoyable!! The atmosphere in the studio felt alive and energetic. Nick, one of the instructors was busy with a student but made me feel welcome by saying hello and asking me how I was doing when I first stepped onto the dance floor. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone wanting to learn how to dance!! It’s definitely the place to be!!



March 3rd, 2016

Bill and Trudy

Ok...I'll admit that taking dance lessons was NEVER on my radar of things to do things with my wife. Even though she has wanted to do so for the last 40 years! But, we were attending a wedding 2 years ago and she wanted to make sure I didn't embarrass her. At least that is what I imagine crossed her mind. The wedding has long passed and we continue to take lessons every week. One day a week, my wife dances with Nick and I dance with Paulina (so she can teach me to lead the dances) Then at the end of the week, my wife and I have a lesson together under Nick's watchful eye to see how much I learned from Paulina's teaching of me...Paulina has patiently shown me how to 'lead' a lot of the Smooth dances like Tango, Salsa, Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha and even Bachata. I have to admit that I truly enjoy the experience and the routines we have learned. We look forward to more years of dancing and enjoying the opportunity to do something fun together!


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December 1st, 2019

Sienna and Zorana

Both Nick and Paulina have the charisma and energy it takes to fill a dance studio with life and anticipation to learn! If you’re looking to take lessons, contact them!



May 13th, 2018

Laura and Jessica

Naperville Dance studio prepared us for our wedding dance! We had so much fun learning and the community of people that are part of it are a great plus to the fun dancing lessons . We took private salsa classes as well and enjoyed going to the group outings. We enjoyed it so much, thank you Nick and Paulina for making us look like rockstars!



April 28th, 2020

Kristen and Jeremy

My now husband and I went to Paulina for our wedding dance and my father daughter dance. She was and still is an amazing teacher. She would walk through steps, explaining them, making sure we were comfortable with them. If something didn't feel right she would accommodate for it to make it work. She was very patient with my husband since he has two left feet. She made sure the entire process for both our first dance and for the father daughter dance were fun and enjoyable throughout. She also engraned the dances so well we can still do the dances months later! We now came back to learn Latin dances and can't wait to learn more!!