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Latin Dance Lessons in Naperville

Although salsa dancing is very popular at our studio, there are several other Latin dances we specialize in. In addition to salsa, you can also learn how to dance bachata, cha cha, cumbia, merengue and rumba. All the above are a part of the Latin dance family and you will see those dances at our parties and outings. Because all those dances originated from Latin America, they are quite similar in execution. It is very common to start learning salsa and overtime learn all five Latin dances.


Try a Salsa Lesson

Nervous about dancing in public? Take the edge off with our private lessons. There's no need to impress anyone, focus on having fun and we’ll take care of the rest. At NP Dance we allow you to move at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Our dance instructors will make it easy, while keeping it fun and light. You’ll be dancing and laughing in no time!

Private Dance Lessons

Group classes can be overwhelming and intimidating to some people at the beginning of their dance journey. Especially if you haven’t had prior dance experience, private lessons are the best way to start. Whether you want to come learn how to dance as a couple or individual, you can accomplish your goals by dancing one on one with our certified instructors. Private lessons are a great way to learn how to dance at your own pace while in a comfortable setting. Our instructors adjust accordingly to each skill level and individual needs. Whether you have had prior dance experience or its your first steps on a dance floor, you can grow at your own speed. We offer private lessons Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm. Don’t wait to schedule your first class.

Semi-Private Lessons

If you already have a group of friends you feel comfortable with and you really want to take private lessons, a semi-private lesson will be the best fit for you. Our semi private lessons consist of up to 3 couples with a private instructor. You can learn at your own pace in a comfortable environment while having fun with people you connect with.

Group Lessons


If you are looking for dance practice, learn dance patterns or just have fun while dancing in a group of people that share similar interests, group classes will be a great place for you. During group classes you get to meet other students, make dance friends, practice your leader/follower skills and learn exciting dance patterns in a group environment.


Father daughter dance classes are of a similar structure as the first wedding dance lessons. Starting with picking your dance and song of choice, we are then going to put a unique dance choreography for you. Whether you are able to attend each lesson together or separately, we will adjust to your schedule and fill in your dance partners’ spot.

Salsa Parties

Each month we host salsa/latin dance parties at the studio. Salsa parties are a great way for students to get to know each other, connect to the dance community, practice their dance skills, enjoy some wine and appetizers. Whether you have or have not danced before, you are always welcome to come to our salsa parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from my first lesson? 


Lots of fun! In addition to the excitement and fun of your first dance lesson, your instructor will evaluate where are you at with your dancing and what your dance goals are. At the end of the lesson you will set a dance goal for yourself and a timeline to achieve that goal. If you have never danced before, during the first lesson you will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of dance and several dance patterns. You will be learning the lead (men) and follow (women) as well as the art of dancing to the music. 


How long does it take to learn how to salsa dance? 


Learning how to dance is like learning a new language. Except, instead of using your voice you will be using your body, thus you will be learning body language. Also, like any other skill set, dancing is not acquired overnight. It takes time, practice and persistence. However, the process of learning how to dance is so much fun and enjoyable that the time flies. Learning how to dance is different among different individuals. Also it depends on whether you are learning how to lead vs how to follow. No matter where you are at in life, it is never too late to learn how to dance!


Do I need a dance partner?


You do not need a dance partner to learn how to dance. You will be paired with one of our instructors who will assist you in achieving your dance goals. In the beginning, it is much easier for an amateur to learn how to dance while being one on one with a professional instead of having another amateur partner. In that way you will be able to progress at your own pace and avoid getting bad dance habits you may be unaware of at the beginning of your dance journey. 

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Personalized attention scheduled at your convenience.  And a commitment to providing the best experience to our guests. Come join our community of dancers. 


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